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an example

The following is an excerpt from a Suregen-2 application for a endoscopic cholecystektomy. The concept P6_EinführenKameratrokar describes the insertion of the camera guides:

(SuregenConcept P6_EinführenKameratrokar :is-a SuregenProcess
   :has-intern ((SP :are
         :action "anheben"
         :object "Bauchdecke"
         :instrument (SuregenInstance SuregenCountableCollection
      :count-of "zwei"
      :membertype "Backhausklemme"))
      :action "einführen"
      :object "Kameratrokar")
         :action "einbringen"
         :object "Optik")))))

P6_EinführenKameratrokar is defined with three subprocesses, all of them instances of the SuregenActionOnObject-class. The first describes the lifting ("anheben"="to lift") of the abdominal wall ("Bauchdecke") with two ("zwei") clamps ("Backhausklemmen"). The second describes the insertion ("einführen"="to insert") of the camera guide ("Kameratrokar") and the last subprocess represents the installation ("einbringen" = "to install") of the camera optics. Now

(ToDescribe :a P6_EinführenKameratrokar
    :use (DescribeS it :by t-consecutiveProcesses :as as))

specifies that the description of an instance of P6_EinführenKameratrokar should be done using the semantic function t-consecutiveProcesses (mentioned above). The text generated by

(DescribeS I-EinführenKameratrokar :as :NP-elliptic)

reads as follows:

Anheben der Bauchdecke mit zwei Backhausklemmen, Einbringen des Kameratrokars sowie der Optik.

("Lifting of the abdominal wall with two Backhaus-type clamps, installation of the camera guide and the optics.")

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