Suregen in a nutshell
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stylistic variation

There are two points in Suregen, where stylistic variation can be enforced:
Firstly, ToDescribe has an optional :style parameter which connects a description expression with a "user defined style" (an arbitrary LISP-symbol) in a way that this expression is evaluated only when the *CurrentStyle* parameter evaluates to this symbol.
This enables a kind of micro-variation, permitting parallel development of, say, more concise or more verbose description, along with lexical variation.
Secondly, it is possible to use entirely different text plans for documents, calling, for instance, DescribeS with :NP or :MC as :AS-parameter, according to different styles.
There is no clear delineation between both methods since there is (in Suregen-2) no delineation between the Describe-method of a complex object and a complex text plan.
Another possible source of variation should be mentioned: Since there is no restriction on the values for the :AS-parameter it is possible to use keywords like :lengthyAndVerboseNounPhrase or :NPwithAbbreviations, a method which might be handy where the definition of a distinct style seems unneccessary.

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