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enumerative expressions

In medical documents where conciseness is of highest value there is an abundance of enumerations. The entities to be enumerated range from simple adjectives (used attributively or selectionally) to elliptic main clauses or even entire sentences. The function Enum is given one or two lists of such phrases and the type of enumeration specified by type (:neutral, :emphasize or :telegraphic) and polarity (:positive, :negative or :mixed) parameters. The output of this function varies with the grammatical type of the entities. Noun phrases, for instance, are enumerated differently from adverbials or elliptic simple sentences. Given e.g. the attributive adjectives A, B (C, D) and varying parameters for type and polarity, Enum could return:

"A und B", "A, B und C" , "A sowie B", "Sowohl A als auch B und C", "A, B, C", "weder A, B noch C", "weder A oder B noch C", "nicht nur nicht A oder B, sondern auch weder C noch D", "A, B, nicht C", "A und B, nicht C", "zwar A und B, nicht aber C oder D", "zwar A aber weder B noch C oder D",...

("A and B","A, B and C", "A as well as B", "A as well as B and C", "A, B, C", "neither A, B nor C", "neither A nor B or C", "not only neither A nor B but also neither C nor D", "A, B, not C", "A and B, not C", "A and B but not C", "A and B but neither C nor D",…)

Of course, generating an enumeration requires more than simply placing respective determiners between the arguments. Complications may arise from the status of negations. Considering again adjectives or adverbials these can be negated not only by using "not" but also by an "un-" or "in-" prefix but then the use of "neither" or "nor" is no longer correct. On the other hand, the adjectives may already carry such a negating prefix so that the negation would amount to removing it. In a similar way it can be appropriate to select the antonym (if there is any) instead of the negated form.

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