Suregen in a nutshell
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semantic functions (cont'd)

(SuregenConcept Thing :is-a SuregenObject
   :has (colour height)
   :SemanticRoles ((t-attribution
      ((concept (my-intern 'Description))
      (attribute (my 'colour))))))

This declares the colour slot to fill the attribute role and the description-slot, which is an internal slot to every SuregenObject to fill the concept role.
Now it is possible to specify just

(ToDescribe :a Thing
:use (DescribeS it :by t-attribution :as as))

The real definition of t-attribution is of course more complicated, mainly because there may be more than one attribute to a concept.
It must be kept in mind that this mechanism can simplify the specification in Suregen-II enourmously. There is, for instance, a SemanticFunction t?consecutiveProcesses which, naturally enough, generates descriptions of successive processes.
It is, therefore, sufficient to define

(ToDescribe :a P_PrepareMeal
    :use (DescribeS it :by t-consecutiveProcesses :as :NP))

Note that since P_PrepareMeal is a subclass of the Suregen-II class SuregenProcess not even the definition of the semantic roles is necessary as these are already defined there.

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